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Thread: 01173142850 Read this if had calls from 01173142850

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    01173142850 Read this if had calls from 01173142850

    Loads of nonsense calls about insurance. They really are a pain. I wish they would respect peoples rights to privacy.

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    This number is for 'The Brightside Group Ltd' in Bristol. They are an insurance broker.

    Code: 0117 314 2850

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    No need to get wound up. Just make sure you're TPS-registered, ask them not to call again...

    & if that fails, then get wound up.

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    Brightside Insurance

    This company is Brightside Insurance. Their address is MMT Centre, Aust, Severn Bridge, Bristol. BS35 4BL. Their direct phone number is 01454 635860.

    They have recently phoned me several times, always going to answerphone. Today I answered it. They claim to be calling as they say I got a quote from them 12 months ago for Public Liability Insurance - I did not! My number is registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and as a result I reminded the caller that I should not be getting 'follow up' cold calls. I have now reported their pestering to the TPS.

    My number is ex-directory and has been for 30 years. When giving out my contact details I always stress, 'no cold calling or unsolicited mail'.

    I suggest to anyone who receives an unwanted phone call to immediately ask the caller for the address from which they are making the call and also the name and contact number of the company on whose behalf they are phoning. I find that cold callers do not like to be asked questions but why should we tell them all they want to know - when we don't even know whom they are!

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    James L
    I tried ringing this number back after receiving a call and got no answer.

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    They called me today.

    My bike insurance is due for renewal. I have 3 bikes, each on separate policies.

    They called me from the above number today and said "Hello Mr ******* your bike insurance is due for renewal..."

    I responded with, "which bike?" (I know full well which bike, but just testing...)

    OH erm, your bike sir. the XTC.

    I don't have an XTC. (Is that a Sachs?)

    Your blue bike sir.

    Don't have a blue bike. Bye.

    They must have some details from somewhere as they had my name, but they could not tell me anything about any policies I have.

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    Had a call from them today

    The caller referred to me by my forename and said he was calling about my renewal, I was struggling to hear him and asked to be called back later. Funny thing is I am not insured by them, yet my insurance is up for renewal. Guess they are cheekily trying to snatch me as a customer, glad I googled the number as I almost thought they were my insurance company

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    I actually found them to provide very competitive quotes compared to other insurance companies who wanted 3times as much for the same type of policy... glad to have taken the call!

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    Thumbs up

    Received a call today on my mobile from 01173142850. Did not answer as I didn't know the number. Obviously as above a bike insurance company. Last night I went onto compare the market dot com to check the premium for a new bike I am contemplating. This company was not a quoted company. Suggest you don't use them.

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    Asked to speak to me by first name then hung up!

    added to blacklist on the mobile...

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