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Thread: 01737235202 Read this if had calls from 01737235202

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    Mrs T

    01737235202 Read this if had calls from 01737235202

    What is the origin of this telephone number?

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    The company name is '1st Credit'. They are a debt collection and debt management company based in Redhill, Surrey.

    The Omnibus Building
    Lesbourne Road
    RH2 7JP

    Code: 01737 235202

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    01737235202 first credit

    received a phone call today from the above number . said it was first credit gave 1 bloke my details like name address post code to be passed to someone else she also asked for my name i said " i have just given it to the bloke "she siad "i need your name" when i asked if she was thick she put the phone down. !!

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