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Thread: 08000128015 Read this if had calls from 08000128015

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    P Moore

    08000128015 Read this if had calls from 08000128015

    Where is this number calling from? Cheers.

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    08000128015 - Identified

    This is Network Research phoning for you to complete a survey. They claim that they can ring exdirectory numbers and TPS number as they are not selling but they are a bloody nuisance. Their MD is Virginia Monk and her email is v_monk@network Email her and tell her what you really think about these phone calls and maybe she and her company will get the message. Her phone number is 02076805100. You will need to be persistant, as they are, to get through to her.
    Also, tell your bank and energy companies NOT to give your phone number to research companies to waste your time answering questionnaires - unless you really want to.


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    Smile 0800 128015 STOP LYING ABOUT WHO YOU ARE



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    They claimed to be on behalf of Lloyds TSB.

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    said they were from LLoyds TSB

    Had a call from this number on a Sunday afternoon, she mumbled the name of the company then said they were calling about my visit to my local branch of LLoyds TSB that week. She knew the day and time I'd been in. This is worrying as if it is a scam company how did they know?

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    Talking its not a scam

    It is correct that they are calling in behalf of Lloyds tsb, if you are receiving this call it is more than likely you are a Lloyds tsb customer, it is a customer satisfaction call to see if your experiences in the branch were satisfactory, many companies do this, usually via text, ie, sky, orange, T-Mobile. It is simply a way that they can improve there service and ensure that they get a true reflection of any training issues or improvements to be made. It is a great opportunity for you as a consumer to state where you feel any improvements can be made to make your banking experience better. Believe it or not, companies take these extremely seriously as it the voice of the customer and in today's economic turmoil your opinion is very valid and valued.
    By the way, I don't work for them, although I have work for different companies that have had dealings in this field.
    One thing to point out, unless your improvement / complaint is about the actual member of staff always differentiate between the staff and the company as I have known this not to be the case and many staff have this customer satisfaction score attached to there commission resulting in them losing upto 200 (this is staff only taking home around 1000 pm, not the fat cats)
    Hope this helps a little, you should have been told this would happen when you visited the branch, there is nothing for you to be worried about, it's all above board.

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    Realy I don't care a hoot if the sales people earn one pound or twenty thousand, who cares about a faceless intruder talking there way in to your home via a wire, and it is a con by the simple fact that there story is not always the same, to some it's the bank for others it's a research company, any one who has to be tight with the truth and not open, it's all a bit on the pikey side, scum, besides I do blame the faceless drones ruining people's private time with pointless lying phone calls, if only you tried a little harder at school, and not entered a world of dirt and sales, cold calling the absolute worst kind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    ... always differentiate between the staff and the company as I have known this not to be the case and many staff have this customer satisfaction score attached to there commission resulting in them losing upto 200 (this is staff only taking home around 1000 pm, not the fat cats)
    No, sorry, doesn't wash. The world is made a worse place one irritating, thoughtless person at a time, and your business is packed end to end with the worst culprits, each one of whom has made their own choices. We are not talking some great democratic participation here, designed to make the world a better place. It's the morally corrupt and greedy hiring the thick skinned to make them a lot richer, with nil regard for the lives of others. My own philosophy as an irritated recipient of this drivel is that if I can put a single irritating drone off this job, I've made the world a little better - maybe eventually the supply will run out. Rudeness begets the same, so why be so surprised at the responses you receive?

    You and your 'colleagues' can pepper the web with your lecturing, apologist platitudes till its knee deep, and it won't make a single iota of difference. We eventually collectively had enough of Smallpox and Polio and eradicated them. Telemarketing - including your apologist version - will be next.

    I have zero sympathy with you; staff or company. When you start behaving like human beings rather than robots, you might be treated better. A start would be respecting the wishes of others as expressed through signing up to the TPS.

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    Annoying caller

    Had a call from this number earlier, asking for my husband for him to answer a few questions re insurance. I asked if it was car or house insurance (as house insurance is in joint names and I would have been able to answer) but she refused to say. Turns out she asked him questions re house insurance claim we made and if we'd dealt with a particular person, which we hadn't as we'd used a loss assessor who sorted everything out for us, so she 'terminated the interview'.

    The discussion above at least explains why she might have been establishing who we had dealt with if it involves staff bonuses! Insurance company is Halifax which is part of the Lloyds group.

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    Nuisance call purporting to be from bank

    For the third time in three days my partner and I had a call today from someone asking to speak to me about my visit to my bank. On the first two occasions they would not tell my partner what bank they were and I rang my bank, who confirmed they had not made any attempt to contact me and had no reason to, hence I was in suspicious mood when the third call found me in. The caller asked me to confirm who I was but I said I would not until they confirmed who they were. He said he could not because it was confidential information. After a couple of rounds of this, I said I believed he was not from my bank and was fishing for information. He put down the phone without further comment, let alone sorry to have troubled you. I then put the number from 1471 into Google and found this forum. Now, I have recently visited Cheltenham and Gloucester, which is part of the Lloyd's group, so maybe it was a genuine call. Nevertheless I object strongly to such calls (the fact that it was made at all, as well as the manner of it) and will be complaining to my C&G branch who, as it happens, are always very friendly and give a great service - a pity they are being dragged down by this nuisance "research".

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