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Thread: 01515591474 Read this if had calls from 01515591474

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    01515591474 Read this if had calls from 01515591474

    I got a dead line when I tried calling this number back.

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    Its fake when they call and you pick up they say they are from the money shop and when you refuse to give your bank details they hand up.

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    Angry Calls from 01515591474

    Yes it's the Money Shop trying to get in touch (they randomly generate DDI numbers). Despite calling them telling them twice to confirm I'm progressing a Debt Relief Order through the CCCS (and a CCCS reference) and telling them to put the account on hold they still phone - up to 8 times a day. They are so unprofessional - they send out the forms endorsing the CCCS, you seek their help and the Money Shop still harrass you (beyond reasonable), it's sick. David Dickinson is even endorsing their TV advert - David, did you not realise the Money Shop wasn't the best association - where's your morals/sense gone????

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