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Thread: 02078700199 Read this if had calls from 02078700199

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    Keith - Droitwich

    02078700199 Read this if had calls from 02078700199

    Who is this?

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    No idea

    But they keep phoning me too. ****ing annoying cretins. Obviously a scam. They won't go away no matter how abusive I am to them.

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    i get calls from this number too.. they dont talk though, only automated goodbye and hang up.. any idea who they are????

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    driving me mad now!

    rings me everyday all i get when i answer is automated voice saying 'goodbye' so annoying if i dont answer they keep ringing until i do!

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    Angry Phone calls from 02078700199

    Just had this number phone me.
    Man with an Asian voice said he was from the "Consumer Life Style". He knew who I was.
    I stopped him and said that I had subscribed to the Telephone Preference Service and that if he did not take me of his system and phoned me again I would report him and them. He wished that I have a "Nice day" and I hung up.
    When I returned the phone call immediately the phone rang once and then a voice said that "This service is no longer available"
    I have a deep inbuilt distrust of any caller who speaks with ANY foreign accent and alway ask them to justify themselves to me first. This is alway good fun with any so called "bank" that phones. When I'm asked the so called "security question" I always asked them one back, like "where did I open this account". It's not a sensitive question and I alway say that if they are not prepared to answer it then they have not pasted my security and terminate the call. I rarely get another call from them.
    So all-in-all this number is NEVER to be trusted.

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    More PPI Monkeys

    The PPI Monkey called me again from 02078700199. They ask if they can speak to me, I say no then they hang up.

    They called me yesterday and last week also.

    I can't believe our government cannot be constructive in banning these time wasting calls

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    Angry Consumer Live Style number 02078700199

    Had a call from this number this evening, a foreign woman said it was Consumer Life Styles and that i had a credit to go in to my bank!. She wanted me to confirm my post code and that i would receive a letter in the post. I asked where she had got my details from, she kept repeating for me to confirm my post code and said that someone in my household had filled out a survey form online, so i asked what name she had, she said my EX husbands name, and asked if he was my husband, i said that he is my EX husband and he had left this home 5 years ago! I wouldn't confirm anything to her and kept asking questions myself and eventually she tutted and hung up! I got the number from 1471 but never bothered phoning it.

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    annoy them back

    best thing to do is say "one minute I will get that person for you" and put the reciever on the side and waste their time........

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    Phone call

    Just had a phone call on my ex-directory number which is registered with TPS. Found it very difficult to understand the lady speaking. I said this and she hung up on me before I could even ask them to take my number off their system. I was really polite for once, and am so annoyed that she hung up.

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    Edinburgh OT


    I have been receiving calls from this number every single day for a couple of weeks, no message left on my answering machine. Managed to get to the phone in time today (3pm Mon 18-Aug-13) but an automated voice said "goodbye" and hung up. I have joined the TPS so it's annoying that this is still happening. I don't mind receiving sales and marketing calls but I do think that folk should have the decency to leave me a message, or at least speak to me when I do answer the phone.

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