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Thread: 01267226769 Read this if had calls from 01267226769

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    01267226769 Read this if had calls from 01267226769

    I got a call from this number but when I answered the caller put the phone down straight away.

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    PPI Caller

    I just had a call from this number too, It was an unsolicited call from a woman who said she was from Bankfairlegal and she was cold calling to try to get me to claim PPI. She clearly hadn't had any training in customer relations and she was quite patronising and agumentative when I told her I wasn't interested. I said I didn't really like the tone of the call and said 'Yeah well neither do I!' and hung up. So I googled the number and it brought me here.

    You weren't missing much - just another company trying to coin in on the PPI bandwagon and cold calling folk.

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    I have just received a call from this number, once he started telling me his company were licensed by The Ministry of Justice I sensed a scam and ended the call.

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    01267226769 bank fair legal

    kept calling me, in the end i answered and politely explained that I don't take marketing calls or cold calls and asked to be taken off their call list. 'barry' refused to do this insisting they were registered with government etc etc as if that was relevant to me in any way. at least if someone asks you to stop cold calling them they should have the decency to accept that rather than bang on. ok my rant is over now!!!

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    PPI Call from 01267 226769

    Had a call, very polite `Junior` sales woman, sounded very professional, said they are regulated by the ministry of justice.. blah, blah blah, asked for the expiry date on my credit cards and the tel no. on the back, she passed me then onto `senior` sales man, same speal.. but he asked me for the from card number...apparently they need this to claim 299 deposit to get ypu 1000`s back from the banks. Nice tag team way of getting all your details if you`re not savvy, had alread lied about the expiry date to see what happened, as soon as I said not willing to give the card number on the front, the `senior` man hung up!!
    Beware - hang up, even if they tell you that they have all your details on a list from the government - it`s not true!!!

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    I have registered my number with TPS long time back. I am still getting such call. However this time I have reported 01267226769 to TPS. I am not sure what action TPS is not to take.

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