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Thread: 01592642600 Read this if had calls from 01592642600

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    01592642600 Read this if had calls from 01592642600

    Watch out for this number. They ring you asking you if you are the homeowner and have a special offer regarding 1000 worth of vouchers. When you challenge the scottish caller they say obscenities and put the phone down. Ive reported these people to the police. You should do the same if they call. A crawl of the internet shows loads of people that have been harrased and abused by these scoundrels.

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    They tried it on with me as well. I have let the cops know. You have made me feel lots better Evelyn. Thanks.

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    01592 642 600

    They just tried it with me too. I have reported his phone number to the TPS.

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    Have just had the same phone call as other people from a call centre for Harvey & Grant somewhere in Fife.
    Asking the same questions, did I own my own house etc. offering me vouchers. When I asked what their address was
    the sweet voiced lady turned very aggressive and asked why I needed to know. When I told her it was so I could report her to the TPS she put the phone down on me. I will definately be reporting her.

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    Thumbs up Harvey & Grant 01592642600

    They jumped on me this afternoon. Exactly the same thing. Im gonna let Trading Standards know.

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    01592642600 Scam Warning

    This sham tried it with me on Friday afternoon. I just told them where to go. The idiot started laughing and told me that I had just thrown 1000 down the drain! What a moron.

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    Calls from 01592 642600

    Had a call from this number this morning (October 27 2011). Thay asked me if I was a home owner and when I refused to answer they said I was unable to claim the 1000. So I told them not to call the number again. There was a few seconds of silence then the caller hung up.

    About 2 hours the same number called - hung up when I answered.

    What I don't understand is what they gain from making these calls, being abusive, and then hanging up?

    Student prank?

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    01592642600 01592642600

    I got a call off this number today saying they had a thousand quid for me. i have reported this number to Ofcom. It is definately not legit.

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    Spoke to the police about these morons. They are on to them right now.

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    they called me this evening......... i said no. they called me a stuck up cow . then hung up

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