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Thread: 08000724699 British Gas Nuisance Calls 08000724699

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    08000724699 British Gas Nuisance Calls 08000724699

    I have told British Gas to stop ringing me about their products and they state that in order to stop the calls they need me to confirm my name and address. What is this all about. It seems to me it is just a clever way to get your details off you.

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    Bosch Drill


    Go away. I do not like you.

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    hermann G 2000
    it makes sense to me. they need to make sure you're not an impostor trying to prevent their valuable marketing calls from reaching their customer, or something like that.

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    Mike-Fort William
    I have returned home after work and found a missed call from this number on 4 occasions in the last 10 days.

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    This lot keep ringing me too!

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    Same here

    They also have taken to leaving me empty answer phone messages.

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    Thumbs up Why call me British Gas? I dont have gas!

    Every day they call me, then go quiet when I answer!!

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    british gas

    I've been getting calls from British Gas for a while even though most of the time I just put the phone down on them. Just had another today and explained to the person I do not want anything from them and do not wish to be contacted, yet they still try and sneak a bit of sales banter in their, persistant f&&ckers! I keep thinking its an important call too as i deal with the CSA and their number also starts with 08000.

    Whats even more annoying is they call at like 8pm when ive just sat down to watch eastenders!

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    they've rang my mobile 6 time in 4 days and I've only had the thing for a year and I'm only 16

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    This number have called every day except Sunday for the past 3 weeks. I finally answered today to be told by some uppery ***** that this is the first time they called! Asked her to get my number removed from their dbase and she said she would try but it would take 28 days. Told her what I thought of that, this address has no gas and people here are on shifts, she thinks it's ok to keep waking them every day cheeky cow. I would never entertain BG if that's their attitude.

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