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Thread: 08000135333 Complaints about calls from 08000135333

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    08000135333 Complaints about calls from 08000135333

    This number rings and when i answer there is silence and then the line goes dead. Its happened a few times and is really annoying. I have done a bit of research and it seems to be Virgin Media. I am not a customer of Virgin so I dont know why this keeps happening.

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    I think its a silent call dialler machine thats deflunked. I keep getting it.

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    It is attacking my phone line as well! How do we stop it?

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    Caller claimed to be calling from Virgin Media, wanting to discuss my account with them. I explained that I will not continue the call as it was unsolicited. The person claimed to be called Gemma, but would not give me a surname, extension number or reference. I hung up the telephone and contact the Virgin Media customer service line that I knew was legitimate. They stated that it was likely to be a company trying to abstract card details from customers.

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    I ignored this caller as I did not recognise the number.

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    It is so frustrating when you get a missed call from somewhere you don't know and they do not leave a message.

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