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Thread: 08450970206 Read this if had calls from 08450970206

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    08450970206 Read this if had calls from 08450970206

    Please trace this number ASAP.

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    I'm getting 2 or 3 calls a day from this number too. Any idea who it is?

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    I had a telephone call from this number today. They said they were Orange. They tried to get me to change my pay as you go call package, from Dolphin to Panther? I didn't want to change but the woman on the other end of the phone was very insistent that it would save me money. She kept on telling me how much I had spent this year and that it would save me 20 in the long run. It would be 8.00 a month for 12 months, only if I took the special offer now. I told her 4 times thatI was happy with my current plan but she would not take no for an answer! I had to put the telephone down on her in the end.

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    I just got a call from this number, after phoning Orange for a PAC code so I could leave them yesterday.

    I didn't pick up, but then immediately received this text message:

    "Hi, I am from the Exclusive Team at Orange and it is my job to keep customers with specialist deals not available via retentions. In order to make this possible, please drop me an email with the offer you have seen elsewhere and I will try my best to beat it. Please include your mobile number. You may also want to include your landline number if you wish to take advantage of our discounted broadband. My email is Thanks."

    The "Exclusive Team"?? Seriously???

    So, Orange won't give me a special deal to stop me leaving, but maybe they will after I've left? If you want to keep me, give me the deal then, don't leave it to your "Exclusive Team" to sort out!

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    Exclusive offer on leaving

    I know that you might like them to offer you the deal before you leave, but I would suggest that you take the offer seriously. I was going to leave their broadband earlier in the year, even got as far as getting the MAC code, then they made me a very good offer to stay. They are all as bad as each other in this respect, so take the best offer you can (Providing the service isn't a heap of carp of course).

    PS. I do not work for Orange.

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