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Thread: 08009172225 Read this if had calls from 08009172225

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    08009172225 Read this if had calls from 08009172225

    Who is this?

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    08009172225 Cabot Financial Services 08009172225

    It is Cabot Financial Services and they are a debt recovery agency. They will be chasing you for a debt that they will believe you have with one of their clients.

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    Cabot Financial

    They don't chase client's money they purchase debt's at cut price then hound you repeatedly for the full balance.

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    It is so frustrating when you get a missed call from somewhere you don't know and they do not leave a message.

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    I got a dead line when I tried calling this number back.

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    i didnt even owe any money and they got my number from somewhere, they kept ringing and ringing asking for a person they were trying to find, i dont know how many times i told them i was not the person they were looking for, she/he must have given a random number that happened to be me. they were relentless, non stop all times of the day, up to 6 times a day. i had to threaten them saying if they persisted in calling me i was going to report them to the police and to take my number of the contact details for the person they were searching for. thank god the threat worked *touch wood* i have not had another call from them.

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    calls to an x directory number

    This number keeps chasing someone who doesn't live at my address. 08009 172225

    How do I stop it?

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