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Thread: 01792211843 Read this if had calls from 01792211843

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    Question Also called by 01792211843 and got a 'human' I think?

    Unusually listened to the recorded message in bored manner, then it said press 5 for a 'live' (matter of opinion) person. The phone was answered by a woman with a very down market "allo!" (and certainly not the French form of Allo). I asked for the company name to be told it was "UK Compensashun team". I then asked for their telephone number and the line went dead. I can only assume I got, at best the cleaner and at worst some very low life minion. I don't normally answer as free caller ID has been infinitely better than TPS at stopping calls.

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    TPS a Load of Rubbish any thing to do with the government don't bother probably a load of mp on the pay role scam bent lawyers etc get fed up with hearing about cannot stop it ANYTHING CAN BE STOPPED IF DEDICATED ENOUGH BET THE ROYALS DON'T GET THEM.

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    Talking Do NOT answer or ring back

    TPS or any government department seem powerless to stop these calls. The con-men who make the calls rely on 1 in 100 calls getting a response. If we all use an answerphone & just let them ring out then maybe they will give up. Why are we all so obsessed with answering the `phone? Let it ring out & don't call them back. If you did not initiate the call then it is not important to you is it?

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    Angry Fake UK number

    call is from an international number claiming to be a UK one (according to BT) so TPS wont help.
    I've had 2 calls today. It's getting stupid.
    BT recommends getting a 6500 series BT phone that will stop "80%" of these calls.

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    sick of it

    18 calls from 5 different numbers in 4 days so I got myself a call blocker, now this one 01792211843 just needed a press of a button, it will not ring again, but WHY should I have to pay for a blocker to stop the misery when we have MP's who could end all spam calls

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    Hao call from this number today but now got the new BT6500 phone which blocks all nuisance calls . no number calls . out of area calls etc . its quiet now great

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    I have a 6500 phone which stops international and withheld numbers but does not stop 01792211843 unless I list it specifically. I will soon have filled my ten number quota so am reverting to using caller id and not answering unrecognised numbers. If it is someone I know they will call my mobile or leave a message.

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    fed up of nuisance calls

    Don't just sit there! - register your complaint!!!

    Got a call from this number this morning - sounds identical to other calls previously received from a Liverpool number.

    Complain to Information Commissioner's Office [ICO]: (select "Automated Calls")

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