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Thread: 01462439891 Read this if had calls from 01462439891

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    01462439891 Read this if had calls from 01462439891

    Where do you register to stop sales callers ringing you?

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    Georgina Fellows


    You can register for free with the Telephone Preference Service to legally block unsolicited calls from sales companies. You can do this on their wesite:

    The call you received was from 'T-Mobile'. The number is generally used by their call centre that contacts people who may have just switched operator in an attempt to woo you back to their service.

    Code: 01462 439 891

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    It's a nasty business.

    Calling me twice a day every day for three months, hang up when you answer. When you call back they claim to be T-mobile and try to sell you a contract. They offer a number to ring to get off their list but if you ring that it goes to the same call centre and they just attempt to spin you the same sales pitch. Worse still it turns out these people are recognised by T-Mobile and approved by them! Well T-Mobile, I won't be renewing with you!

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    Call from this number at 3.30am!

    Yes, that is 3.30 in the morning! I didn't answer but it woke me up of course. I am with T-Mobile so what others have said makes sense. Very annoying - is it worth ringing them or t-mobile to make a formal complaint?

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    We had calls from these people tell us they are tmobile, trying to sell us a new contract, wanting us to sell our phone a pay of the rest of our contract and get one with them. Thank but no thanks

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    3.50am calls

    I got a 3.50am call from this number too, it's so frustrating. I looked at tmobile twitter feed and they said ring the number but put a 0 instead of a 1 at the end and tell them to stop phoning. Anyone done this?

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    Angry 3.33 am call

    Got a call from these people at 3.33 this morning - not happy, epecially as there is no one there when you answer!
    I called the number back this morning and told them about this and the response was " Can't understand how that happened but would you be interested in having an IPad in your home?"

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    Angry missed call at 2:34am and again a call at 14:30

    second time i picked up to find out who they were - claiming to be T-mobile but got music in teh background and are rude /overly matey on the phone so i hung up and rejected them

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    Try Telephone Preference Service TPS web site, if in UK and Ofcom

    Quote Originally Posted by Advent View Post
    Where do you register to stop sales callers ringing you?
    Try Telephone Preference Service TPS web site, if in UK, register your phone number to prevent cold calling.
    However some companies are ignoring this opt-out, maybe they are off-shore companies.
    Hope this helps.
    I am with T-mobile, had 3 calls from this number in the last month.

    Companies can be fined , like Talk Talk was recently fined for making too many silent calls !
    Apparently they have a quota of silent calls they are allowed to make!
    Talk Talk was fined 750,000 pounds by Ofcom recently

    If you get silent calls, report it to Ofcom

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    Annoying phone pest 01462439891, just added to reject list

    Yes I have been plagued with calls every day from this annoying company of chavs (01462439891)
    I answered it for first time today and some anus on the other end listened to me saying hello for a few seconds and then hung up. What kind of company instructs their employees to use these tactics?
    They need to pay a very large fine I think!
    Check your phone, if it is anything like mine, then you can add the number to a "reject list" I have a samsung, just select the number in your phone list, then in there go to the options, and then let them call you as often as the losers want to do, it will be rejected every time :-)

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