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Thread: 01422315229 Read this if had calls from 01422315229

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    01422315229 Read this if had calls from 01422315229

    I want to know where this number is from ASAP because I need to stop it ringing my phone.

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    This is a company called 'Credit Resource Solutions'. They are a debt collection agency based in Halifax.

    Code: 01422 315 229

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    chris ogden

    hi, just been sorting my sons phone out for him, & he has 50+ calls calls from this number, he's only 14, & is also autistic, so he obviously hasnt accrued any debts :/

    any idea's on how to stop this number, on my galaxy s2 i can block them, but my sons galaxy europa doesnt seem to have this function, & i'm a little worried they might somehow take advantage ....

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