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Thread: 08452863313 Read this if had calls from 08452863313

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    08452863313 Read this if had calls from 08452863313

    Where do you register to stop sales callers ringing you?

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    I keep getting calls to from 08452863313, only too
    have the phone put down on me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    These people do not check against TPS. If you are registered, you can report them in the vague hope that enough people get annoyed enough to make enough reports for TPS and ICO to pay some attention.

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    Call from recorded message

    Answered the phone to a recorded message starting off "Natwest, Barclays, HSBC" at which point I hung up. Presumably a PPI claimback company.

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    Why is there no central point to complain/block certain numbers!

    So frustrating that sales calls cannot be blocked especially when they come with a "known" number! I get calls from this number 08452863313 every Thursday and a text message from a different number regarding PPI every Thursday and Saturday. Very annoying!

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    08452 863313

    I have been continually getting calls recently to my mobile from a range of 08452 numbers and have found them an nuisance as no one speaks when you answer. When you block - you seem to get calls with a digit or two changed

    I am registered with TPS but their remit does not include silent calls - OFCOM does take the complaints and it is a simple internet form on their website - today I had enough of this, so filled in said form and suggest others do the same. They are a darn nuisance and should be stopped.

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